Business Coaching for success in an ever-changing world

Business owners and entrepreneurs struggle to find the balance between business / work-life and their family and everyday life. Many find themselves working only within their businesses and tend to neglect to work on their business.

Our Business coaching’s aim is to support and journey with you in developing and transforming ideas and planning into business realities. Leading, navigating and managing through the turbulent economic and business landscape.

Whether you want to start a business, change or rethink your business model, we have proven approaches and a reliable partner network to assist you through your business’s lifecycle.

Business Coaching through the business development lifecycle

No matter what business you are in or in which phase your business might be. We help start-ups, established businesses no matter their size to small or large to realise their goals.

All businesses grow through several stages during their life. Depending on the stage the business is in they face different challenges and need to focus on specific strategies in order to grow to the next.

Business coaching in action

Where is your business currently?


Do you need to set-up a new business and it is a daunting task? Do you need to find trusty advisors to assist in getting out of the blocks? Do you need to register a company, get an accountant, a website and develop your business model?

Gaining traction

Do you know how your business is making money? Do you need to develop your market and customers? Do you need to increase your sales? Do you need to set a clear direction for the future?

High growth

Do you need to ensure all processes and systems are in place? Do you need to start to hire smart people? Do you need to start to delegate to employees? Do you need to ensure the business remains profitable with the necessary controls in place?


Do you need to ensure all activities remain co-ordinated? Are you starting to see bureaucracy creeping in? Are you worried about remaining efficient and effective? Do you need to start focusing on further expansion?


Is your business in the mature stage and starting to decline? Do you need to reinvent or refocus? Are you thinking of exiting your business? Do you need to look for new growth opportunities?

Non-profit (NPO)

Are you working with volunteers? Are you feeling the financial constraints? Do you need to ensure continuous funding? Do you have the right skills on your board? Are you struggling with programmes not delivering on your purpose?

Our approach to business coaching includes:

Case Study Image

PURPOSE*(TM) model

Many companies do well at planning but struggle to implement successfully. We developed the PURPOSE*(TM) model based on management theory, best practice and practical findings we experienced through our careers. The coaching model focusses on implementing what was planned.

Partners and trusted advisors

We believe that every person and business has its strengths and passions. We believe that everyone needs to play to their strengths to achieve more than what they planned. We opted to partner with specialists and experienced advisors and companies to facilitate the best possible results.

Case Study Image
Case Study Image

Networking and engaging with business owners

The business world can get very lonely for business owners and for this reason we established a forum dedicated to business owners who want to engage with similarly minded business owners and individuals. The aim is to promote ethical business practices among businesses and to create networking opportunities where ideas and challenges can be shared.

Delighted clients

"Daniel Esterhuizen has been coaching me for two months now to guide me in setting up a business. He guided me in the development of measurable and specific business goals. He also assisted me in the broadening of my vision for the business. Part of the coaching was to take me through the requirements of setting up systems for the different areas of business – i.e. customer, supplier, and personnel systems, amongst other things. Daniel’s assistance improved my confidence and inspired me to achieve my vision with practical and workable steps and ideas. It is a pleasure to be coached by Daniel, and would recommend his services to anyone in the business world."
"I would hereby like to make a personal recommendation on behalf of Elna from Esterhuizen Consulting.Over 3 years ago I sought out the services of a personal coach to assist me in navigating some of the difficulties I was experiencing both on a personal and work level.Having been promoted to a more senior role, I also felt that the timing was right for me to receive additional input from an unbiased source.The very first session I had with Elna convinced me that I had found, in Elna, someone who was ideally suited to assist me in a very meaningful way.
Elna Esterhuizen Executive coaching
Owner and director

Elna Esterhuizen

Elna is a registered Industrial Psychologist (PS59668), a Human Resources Consultant, Religious Specialist in Christian Pastoral Counselling (D185/18) and Executive and Life Coach (GAEST-3777).

Daniel Esterhuizen Business coaching
Owner and director

Daniel Esterhuizen

Daniel obtained a B.Eng. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, MBA and a B.Phil. in Knowledge and Information management. He focuses on Management Consulting, Business Coaching (GAEST-4018 & IEQ9 2735) and Project Management (PMISA 22027750).

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